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April 16, 2024
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Superjet had earlier bragged about getting orders at MAKS 2015.  A deal with Iran is no surprise and was expected.  Then came news of a deal with Jordan being in the works. And a deal with Kazakhstan.

This was followed by a Russian government-backed leasing group GTLK (State Transport Leasing Co.) signing for 32 SSJs on the first day of Moscow’s MAKS airshow.  They also ordered options for another 28 aircraft. GTLK signed an agreement with Russia’s Yamal Airlines to lease 25 SSJs.

Next, Ilyushin Finance signed a trilateral LoI under which Cambodia’s Sky Angkor Airlines wet-leases an SSJ from Russia’s Red Wings. Ilyushin will deliver two more of the aircraft to Sky Angkor under an operating lease. The 12-month wet-lease starts in December and when this expires the two new SSJ100LRs will be delivered by Ilyushin.

To date, there are 56 SSJs in service in the fleets of Aeroflot, Gazpromavia, Yakutia Airlines, Center-South, Red Wings, Interjet and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And all this happened on day one of the show.  Is there more to come?


Iran’s Vice President for science and technology Sorena Sattari is reported as saying “Superjet is built in cooperation with Airbus and Boeing and Iranian aviation companies are interested in having it since it is a very low-cost aircraft while there is no Airbus in the 100-seat size”.  He also said: “Given Superjet 100’s similarities to Airbus, we will have no problem for repair and maintenance of the aircraft.”

Iran’s Kish Air, Zagros Airlines and Caspian Airlines held negotiations with UAC.

It seems the Iranians like the idea of the SSJ for the regional jet market.  Cost is the obvious winner as Iran’s Sattari points out.  There is no guidance on aircraft between 100-150 seats.  Which means Bombardier and Embraer are not out in the cold.  Both firms assure us they ware watching the opportunities closely.

For the over 150 seat segment its going to be the usual tangle between Airbus and Boeing for each deal.  We await to see if Iran plays the China model of aircraft selection, keeping the orders about even to squeeze every dollar out of the two OEMs.  An Iranian airline we have been in contact with expressed concerns about financing.  Which brings us to the engine selections.  GE is probably the best placed of the engine OEMs to be aggressive in financing.  Though P&W, having sold Sikorsky, might be able to be creative as well, but that would focus on the sub-220 seat segment.  Rolls-Royce will certainly be strong with any Airbus widebody selections.

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2 thoughts on “Superjet strikes big at MAKS 2015

  1. Yes , I wonder , why Russian airlines companies do not support their national product and they are starving to get western manufactured plane.
    I wonder what is the roll Russian government at this point and why they do not encourage them to be committed to Russian made planes, hence Russian new era of commercial plane industry will be reformed again.

  2. I believe your wonder is based on a flawed premise. The Putin regime is mounting immense pressure on all Russian businesses to be ‘patriotic’. It’s rather a small wonder that Russian carriers are even allowed to accept western aircraft at all. Just this spring, Sukhoi received $1.9 billion of state aid. That said, I believe the SSJ-100 is a good plane for what it does.

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