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November 29, 2023
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Pratt & Whitney has been around the aviation business since 1925. There are few firms in the aero engine business with a history this long. We spoke with Mr Larry Jones, Product Line VP for the PW4000 this morning.

The PW4000 engine follows a long line of PW aero engines. It dates back to 1987, and is based on the earlier JT9.  Although the engine is clearly mature now, it will be the engine to power the USAF next Boeing tankers for the next 40 years.  That means this engine will be flying for 60+ years.  As much as this is eye opening for most people, Mr Jones points out the company’s TF33 on the Boeing B-52 could be 80 years old when it stops flying.


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3 thoughts on “The PW4000 – headed for 60+ years of operation

  1. No other company has a history as long? Rolls-Royce has been building aircraft engines since 1914 …

  2. th009

    “There are FEW firms in the aero engine business with a history this long.” Where did they say that no other company has a history as long as PW?

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