The US DoT has a plethora of data sets, and as we model more of them, it becomes clear that these databases offering tremendous into the market.  The sheer size of the datasets has been a hurdle for most people to get at the information they contain.

The DB1B (as the Airline Origin and Destination is known) consists of three different datasets.  The one we will share with you here is the DB1B Market.  DoT defines it this way: “This table contains directional market characteristics of each domestic itinerary of the Origin and Destination Survey, such as the reporting carrier, origin and destination airport, prorated market fare, number of market coupons, market miles flown, and carrier indicators.”

Suffice to say the model below that summarizes data from 1Q16 through 3Q19 is large.  But the joy is that there is so much to glean from the data.   The first page of the model is a summary with no selection criteria. But the other pages offer this ability to select by airline, allowing the reader to delve into great detail about the market from that airline’s perspective.  If you are into this sort of thing, you are likely to get lost here for hours.

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