Canada has filed a WTO complaint against the United States with respect to anti-dumping and countervailing duty proceedings today.  This is likely in response to recent actions with respect to the Bombardier C Series aircraft as well as actions taken against the Canadian lumber industry by US regulators in the last year.

While we do not expect this WTO complaint to change the outcome of the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission hearings regarding aircraft, this does provide Canada and Bombardier one further avenue to pursue as they argue their case against US sanctions.

The retaliation by Canada is evident that Ottawa is prepared for a trade war, and that Canada will not accept the recent actions by US authorities without a fight.  The US and Canada, who are the number one trade partners for each country, stand to lose more than they gain should a full blown trade war erupt.

Let’s hope some sanity enters the process before it escalates beyond control.

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