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July 22, 2024
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Drone Delivery Canada is leading the industry for package delivery by UAS with a variety of drone sizes and applications, with payload deliveries of up to 180 Kg, providing a new next level for logistics solution.

UAM AirInsight caught up with Michael Zahra, President & Chief Executive Officer, Drone Delivery Canada.

Q: Why is Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) unique?

A: DDC is offering a complete solution for drone deliveries, including software for management of autonomous flight known as FLYTE and integrates operations control with on board avionics, plus we have developed a series of aircraft to meet multiple markets.

Fundamentally, we have tested, proven & reliable technology, with patented intellectual property, across multi-platform airframe-agnostic technology, with fully operational, fully integrated FLYTE SaaS system, which has been approved by the regulator to integrate into the airspace.

Q: What do you see as the markets for DDC?

A: We see multiple markets for the services of DDC. Including:

  • Deliveries to Canadian remote communities
    • There are more than 1,000 communities in Canada that are remote and would benefit from drone deliveries for businesses and consumers.
  • Industrial deliveries, including mining, oil & gas
    • Delivery of time sensitive industrial cargo –repair parts, core drilling samples, water testing samples, emergency supplies and general cargo.
    • On land and at sea –repair parts, emergency supplies, and general cargo.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
    • Delivery of AEDs, blood, medical tests, organs, prescriptions, emergency relief supplies to hospitals and consumers.
  • Last mile delivery
    • 1000’s of rural and suburban areas experiencing expensive and time-delayed delivery of general & e-commerce goods. DDC will address this market.
  • Shore-to-Ship Logistics
    • We have designed our vehicles for Port-to-ship movement of cargo –repair parts, emergency supplies, documents, and general supplies.
  • Construction / Forestry / Agriculture
    • We see a very large market for the movement of cargo in any expansive operational areas such as construction sites, forests, and agriculture.

Q: How do you plan to address all of these markets?

A: We have developed multiple partnerships to get DDC services into the market, including a partnership with Air Canada Cargo to remarket our services on more than 150,000 routes. Our partnership with the Moose Cree in Northern Canada includes $2.5M in contracts for remote deliveries. We also have two medical projects underway related to defibrillators for pre-hospital emergency services and also the temperature-controlled transport of biologicals.

We also have a commercial agreement with the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) to build out flight routes from EIA using DDC’s Drone Spot takeoff and landing zones utilizing DDC’s drone flight infrastructure. Leveraging EIAs expertise in airport operations, DDC and EIA will implement, promote and market DDC’s drone delivery services in this controlled airspace to a multitude of new and existing customers. All operations will be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Transport Canada flight authorizations and shall be subject to DDC obtaining all required regulatory approvals.

Q: Does DDC have plans to expand outside Canada?

A: Absolutely! But first we want to get everything established in Canada, before we expand to other Countries. However, we are in discussions with an African airline to bring DDC to Africa.

Q: How is DDC funded?

A: Seven years ago, the original founders had a vision for drone deliveries in Canada. In 2016, DDC went public on the Over the Counter (OTCQB) and Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture (TSXV).

Q: Please tell us about the four vehicle DDC has in development.

A: DDC’s smallest vehicle is the Sparrow, which Transport Canada certified in 2017, has a 4.5 kg payload. 20-30km distance at a speed of 36kmh. The Sparrow is designed for document, small packages, medical deliveries, etc. The Robin was certified in 2019 and is the big broth3r of the Sparrow. The Robin can carry up to 11 kg payload over 60-70km, at a speed of 50kph.

The largest vehicle is the Condor, which is still autonomous, but is gas engine, vertical takeoff and landing, rotorcraft, with up to 200km range, operating speed 120kph, carrying up to 180kg payload. The Condor will have very broad commercial and industrial applications.


Q: What final thoughts would you like to share with UAM AirInsight?

A: DDC is fortunate to have a very supportive regulatory agency to enable the very unique products and services being developed by DDC. We are very well positioned to implement truly autonomous drone delivery services over the next five years and will continue to lead the global drone delivery industry.



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