A Daily Summary of Industry News covering
Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing 737 Woes Undermine Suppliers’ Deal Making:  WSJ
  • Disasters foretold: Boeing 737 8 and Lac-Mégantic: TheConversation
  • What Airbus has done since taking on the A220: FlightGlobal
  • Boeing will not cancel CEO incentive award tied to 737 return: Reuters
  • UTC Seeing -Linked Aftermarket Headwinds: AvWeek

Business Aviation

  • The Battery Supply Problems Faced by Electric Taxis: AviationToday
  • Here’s What A Bombardier-Textron Deal Would Mean For The Business Jet Industry: Forbes


  • American Bulks Up At Miami: Forbes
  • Ryanair Told to Drop Ads Claiming It’s Europe’s Greenest Carrier: Bloomberg
  • US majors unlikely to consolidate players via ownership: Routes
  • Embattled Korean Chief Wins Support of Mother, Sister: Chosun
  • Cathay Pacific to cut global capacity by 30%: Reuters


Urban Mobility

  • Urban Mobility Faces Crucial First Trials In 2020: AvWEEK

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