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Commercial Aviation

  • Comparing the 737-100 with the MAX10:  Twitter
  • Some aerospace companies pull out of Airshow: Reuters
  • FAA doesn’t care if you feel like a sardine in that plane: Bloomberg
  • Are European Regulators Sabotaging Boeing’s 737 MAX?: CCN

  • Embraer’s Best-selling Jet Gets Even More Phenomenal: AIN


  • Leaked recording of exchange between Iranian ATC and Iranian pilot shows authorities knew missile had hit Ukrainian 737: YouTube
  • Another report about and their safety standard-avoiding: WSJ
  • Airbus bribery case topples founder of Malaysian carrier AirAsia: AJOT
  • Ryanair makes Boeing offer for new MAX order: Reuters


Air Canada 837
  • Just at take off there was a huge bang under my seat: Twitter
  • A view of the burst tire of AC837 as it made its emergency landing at Madrid’s Barajas Airport: Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Baby Steps Toward Urban Air Mobility – AINOnline
  • Flying Cars At CES 2020 And Gallery Of Photos – Forbes

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