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April 12, 2024
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Aviation safety management specialists, Ideagen, is providing Spanish charter airline WamosAir with its leading cloud-based safety management software, Gael Enlighten.

This quick video will explain what the software does.

WamosAir is implementing Gael Enlighten to remove a series of silo systems that require excessive manual input for safety and operational data collation.  Enlighten will also simplify compliance with local Spanish and international authorities.

The solution demonstrates how firms can move operational issues to the cloud. Deploying software tools this way overcomes the natural bottleneck of IT departments and at the same time breaks through corporate silos.  The tyranny of he who controls the data also controls information is broken down.  Invariably safety and incidents cause people to hide any role they might have played in any breakdown. This exacerbates the problem rather than fix it.  Allowing access to information means faster reporting, more accurate reporting, enabling an airline to develop solutions to prevent further safety risks.  Obviously this helps to ensure compliance with national and international authorities.

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