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July 19, 2024
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Top Aviation News Stories – Archives

AirInsight US Airline Index

TSA reported the second consecutive day of more than 2 million passengers Sunday and Monday for the first time since the recovery began. 

Commercial Aviation

  • How COMAC could change ABCs of commercial aviation in China – SCMP
  • Turkish Aerospace obtains certificate for large-class choppers – Daily Sabah
  • Cathay-Airbus proposal to have one pilot in cockpit is bad idea – Bloomberg
  • Airbus, AVIC jointly launch A320 fuselage equipping project in China – Shine
  • Boeing lobbyist Keating, who helped steer it through MAX crisis, exits abruptly – Metro
  • Boeing delivers a single 787 built last year – but still awaits FAA approval to resume broader deliveries – Seattle Times

Business Aviation

  • Emergency vision system STC’d for Embraer Praetor jets – AIN
  • VFR towers part deux – Even controllers don’t agree – AvWeb


  • More people are flying – so why are airlines slashing flights and hiking prices? – NBC News
  • Incident – Ryanair Boeing 737 takes off from Toulouse leaving 50 passengers behind – AirLive
  • When will business travel recover? Sooner than you might think – Forbes
  • Delta to hire 1,000 pilots to prevent flight crew shortage- Aerotime

Urban Air Mobility

  • Six person flying car Cyclocar sticks to 2022 timeline, has already been flown – AutoEvolution

Social Media

  • Engine out freeway landing as coached in real time on the radio  Plane and Pilot
  • Converted DeHavilland Turbine Otter – Twitter

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