Airline flight operations are manifestly impacted by many exogenous events.  e-Taxi company, WheelTug, has developed a method of helping airlines solve the gate pushback as part of flight operations.

Based on an analysis of nearly 7,000 flights, using FlightWatching, WheelTug has determined that a typical airline uses up to 13 minutes at pushback.  Eleven minutes covers 95% of the 7,000 flights.  Based on an estimate that an “airline minute” is worth $100, a ten minute pushback costs $1,000.   WheelTug claims their solution can save an airline four minutes which means the pushback cost should drop from $1,000 to $600 or 40%.

WheelTug has its own analysis as explained in this document: Standard Airline Summary 7July2016

Airlines typically capture the key data points needed to understand the time pushback requires, but few analyze this according to WheelTug CEO Isiah Cox.  For airlines that capture this information via ACARS, live calculations can be done.  As part of their service to airlines, WheelTug is offering airlines a custom assessment of their pushback data for free.  This analysis will demonstrate how much schedule padding is happening and where savings can be brought to bear.


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