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One of the highlights of the MAKS Air Show in Moscow is the positive news regarding the Irkut MC-21, an all new irkuttechnology narrow body aircraft to be powered by the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan for Western markets. The first PW1400G engine has already been delivered to Irkut, and the aircraft is reaching design maturity in preparation for its first flight scheduled for April 2016.

The MC-21 will also be offered with Aviadvigatel PD-14 engines, scheduled to enter service after the PW1400G.

Reports from MAKS indicate that the MC-21 will meet its initial weight goals, and that the design is now firm. Of particular interest in this design is the wing, which will be constructed from low-temperature “out of autoclave” composite materials.   Developed by a team from Irkut, AeroComposites, Diamond Aircraft and FACC, the new wing will be an industry leader in technology.

With the weight of… Continue reading

Both Ilyushin Finance and Bombardier appear to be on the verge of coming to terms that will preserve the company’s orders for 39 C Series aircraft that previously appeared in jeopardy. This is good news for both Bombardier and IFC, as the sanctions imposed by Canada precluded development bank financing. IFC’s chairman Alexander Rubitsov indicated the “I’m feeling we may reach a compromise” with respect to the C Series order.

Apparently, after the C Series debut at the Paris Air Show, the attitude of private bankers shifted regarding the C Series, and banks that would not consider asset-backed financing appear to be changing their mind, after watching the CS300 fly and touring the CS100 on static display.

Marketing the aircraft outside of Russia is a new strategy for IFC, and they are hopeful of new agreements with operators before the end of this year. Both Bombardier and IFC believe that… Continue reading

Boeing confirmed that the 777X met a key milestone on its route to entry into service in 2020, namely the firming of the aircraft configuration. This means that the basic trade-offs have been evaluated to finalize the aircraft’s capabilities and design. This includes evaluating the results of wind-tunnel tests, aerodynamic performance and structural load requirements to ensure that the new aircraft will meet its range and fuel economy goals. Boeing can now confidently say that the new airplane’s specifications are firm, rather than developmental, when the speak with customers.


The configuration process includes Boeing working with key suppliers finalize the basic design and develop a set of performance criteria around which the aircraft will be built. The next step for the team is to begin detailed design of parts, assemblies, and systems for the aircraft, which lead to specifications and production.

One of the key improvements over the existing 777… Continue reading

Superjet had earlier bragged about getting orders at MAKS 2015.  A deal with Iran is no surprise and was expected.  Then came news of a deal with Jordan being in the works. And a deal with Kazakhstan.

This was followed by a Russian government-backed leasing group GTLK (State Transport Leasing Co.) signing for 32 SSJs on the first day of Moscow’s MAKS airshow.  They also ordered options for another 28 aircraft. GTLK signed an agreement with Russia’s Yamal Airlines to lease 25 SSJs.

Next, Ilyushin Finance signed a trilateral LoI under which Cambodia’s Sky Angkor Airlines wet-leases an SSJ from Russia’s Red Wings. Ilyushin will deliver two more of the aircraft to Sky Angkor under an operating lease. The 12-month wet-lease starts in December and when this expires the two new SSJ100LRs will be delivered by Ilyushin.

To date, there are 56 SSJs in… Continue reading

The decision to cancel daily service between Philadelphia and Tel Aviv has come as surprise to more than a few industry observers. Let’s take a look at the questions being asked and the airline’s explanation.

First let’s get the grand conspiracy out of the way. American is being influenced by some oneworld alliance partners as has been suggested by Israeli media. The facts are the alliance partners Qatar Airways has a stake in IAG which has both airlines serving Tel Aviv. Delta also has alliance partners that are not favorably disposed to Israel and its service to Tel Aviv is not being challenged. So there is no grand conspiracy.

We then posed some questions to American Airlines to get their side of the story.  All italics are from American Airlines.

Is there anything in this decision about the way TWA left the market that puts AA at risk?… Continue reading

DSC_4177Yesterday we got to speak with Rob Dewar, C Series program GM and Vice President at Bombardier. Earlier in the day the company’s share price rose on the better news flow and realization that no new delays were coming. It is telling that the market’s natural disposition is to expect bad news from Bombardier.

We had a few questions for Rob. Continue reading

Sukhoi tweeted this interesting image this morning.  The 2015 MAKS show starts next week and the timing on the image is excellent.  It also reinforces something many don’t realize – the SSJ is a credible airplane.  Unfortunately politics is getting in the way of its success.  Continue reading

Brazil’s embattled president is under pressure like few other political leaders. After winning a slim re-election, she has seen her popularity plummet. Brazilians don’t seem to buy her innocence regarding the corruption at state oil giant Petrobras. The country is seeing record street protests. Calls for her to step down are growing.

Meanwhile the Brazilian economy is also under pressure.   The Real is down 24% this year against the US Dollar. Being a big natural resource exporter hasn’t helped either. With exports declining, even with a weaker currency the general uncertainty of doing business in Brazil has become tough. Continue reading

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