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Recently there was a bit of a flutter in some Israeli media about Turkish Airlines hiring Iranian pilots.  Given the current heated emotions in the Levant, the tension is understandable.

We contacted Turkish to ask about this.  Here is the reply we were sent:
“We have around 600 foreign pilots from up to 100 different countries.  Only a few of them are Iranian.

We are also going to roadshows to everywhere in the world to find pilots to make up for the very fast growing fleet.  Iran is one of the countries we have visited and we received many applications, but have not hired anyone yet. We believe even when we hire it wont be more than 50.

Also Iran has one of the highest ICAO scores, they are perfectly compatible pilots.  ”

The Israeli reaction is somewhat over excited.  Turkish is one of… Continue reading

Despite the bravado about “capturing” an RQ-170 and then copying it,  the truth is that Iran’s aerospace industry is in its infancy.  Nowhere is this more aptly displayed than the latest airliner crash.  The problem extends to its military aviation as well as the video from 2011  shows.

The Iran-140, a locally made copy of the Antonov An-140, apparently lost an engine on takeoff.   This is the fourth Iran-140 crash in 12 years.  Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani issued a directive grounding all Iran-140s until a government-led investigation uncovers the root cause. This should be straightforward.

Western sanctions are biting Iran’s aerospace and airline industry hard.   Losing one engine on takeoff is not a sufficient reason for a twin engined aircraft to crash.  Something more insidious may be at work here. For example, and this is speculation on… Continue reading

Reports in the press have confirmed that Lufthansa is looking into setting up a low-cost long-haul operation. Given the Lufthansa brand, one would be hard pressed to visualize an LCC version under the Lufthansa name.  But people felt the same about Singapore Airlines, and yet its LCC operation called Scoot is doing fine.

Many details have yet to be finalized and announced, but we have managed to obtain some insight into  the company’s current thinking.

It turns out that the company was not in quite as robust a condition as the new CEO, Carsten Spohr, was led to believe. A profit warning recently sent the shares downward by around 30%.   The market reaction is rational, because it was thought the cost cutting exercise at Lufthansa was making good progress.  But,  as most senior executives know, there is a limit to how much… Continue reading

2014-08-06_7-57-12This is the traditional image people have of tobacco.  It is a product that gets little love in western countries.  Indeed it is taxed as heavily as possible because so much of the healthcare system is devoted to repair damage from people consuming tobacco products.

So it is with joy for the tobacco industry that two pieces of exceptional news emerged this week.  First came the news that one can battle Ebola disease using tobacco related medication.  Although experimental, the fact the treatment was used and seems to be working should give tobacco companies a boost.

Of course we hope the Ebola breakout does not go any further and require more treatments. A much better story came out just after 4am this morning from Boeing.

Boeing, South African Airways (SAA) and SkyNRG announced today they are collaborating to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new… Continue reading

2014-08-04_14-09-07Recently CityJet‘s new owners (INTRO Aviation) attracted attention when they mentioned the airline’s re-fleeting was considering the CSeries and Superjet.  The backdrop here is that CityJet has struggled under ownership by Air France/KLM.  Even though it operates out of London City, a potentially high yield market.

We asked INTRO’s Managing Director Peter Oncken a few questions.

  • We understand that INTRO is focusing on LCY as part of a re-fleet decision process.  Can you explain this thinking please?

The present setup of Cityjet has been the main reason why we got involved with Cityjet in the first place. LCY is a rather secluded market as the positioning is strategically interesting for point to point business traffic and provides dominantly high yield traffic due to limited competition from LCC. The reason is that the airport cannot be served by aircraft which are not certified for this… Continue reading

We updated our un-scientific survey, asking respondents how much they value in-flight access to the Internet.  Click the link to see how we ask about this.  Please feel free to participate if you’re interested.

Clearly results vary by many factors – like flight length for example.  But to keep things simple, we ask respondents to only consider a 60 minute period.

The chart below illustrates what we see in 2014 compared to 2013.  With the caveat that the survey is not scientific, we see that people are not willing to pay as much in 2014 as they were in 2013.  On an anecdotal basis this appears rational.  Of course this means airlines (and their vendors) are going to see growing pressure to derive value from connectivity by exploiting connectivity for flight operations.  Connectivity models need to exploit everyone and everything on the… Continue reading

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