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Based on reader feedback we decided to add another 787 post today – this one focused on deliveries.  Let’s get to the data. As the first chart shows, most (89%) deliveries have gone to airlines directly.  Lessors account for 15% of orders and 9% of deliveries.  Airlines customers are very important to this aircraft program and lessors, while important, less so. Continue reading

The Boeing 787 has been around for a number of years, moved through a painful birth, and now increasingly contributes to Boeing’s success in dominating the widebody segment.  Boeing’s perseverance is paying off.  It might be years before the 787 achieves break-even, but there is little doubt that the program will do so.

Here are a few charts to give us an idea of how the program is unfolding. Continue reading

Gogo announced its Gogo Vision product has been installed on more than 2,000 aircraft.  This means that it is now the leading provider of wireless in-flight entertainment by a large margin and it is making gains on becoming the largest in-flight entertainment provider in the world.  More than 2,200 commercial aircraft are outfitted with the technology and more than 1 million videos are being watched through Gogo Vision each month.

“We know that passengers want entertainment on their own devices.  We also know that almost everyone boards a plane with at least one Wi-Fi enabled device.  Gogo Vision was built to take advantage of this trend,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo CCO.  “It has become successful because weight matters in aviation.  When compared to traditional in-flight entertainment solutions, Gogo is much lighter weight, requires less maintenance and is lower cost.”

To use Gogo Vision the… Continue reading

As Dassault is discovering, doing business in India is very tough. The company was thrilled to win an order for 126 Rafales in 2012 after a long drawn out competition. Here we are in 2016, and not one aircraft has been delivered and India is still negotiating. The order is now down to 36. It’s amazing the French are still even speaking to the Indians.

India has also driven Russian partners up the wall. Here is the latest example. Continue reading

Russian news source TASS has this story.   Meanwhile another Russian source describes the deal rather differently. The SSJ has been in play with this airline for some time.  Russia and Egypt had their relationship ruffled by the bombing of the Russian Metrojet A321.

Clearly there is some confusion about what exactly is going on.  TASS speaks of 40 SSJs, while Sputnik speaks of 4+6.  But this is not the only confusion.

Given the low oil price and its impact on the ruble, Russia is under pressure to export more than oil.  Both news sources are saying the deal is being led by the Russian state, not UAC or Sukhoi.  Why is this an issue?  Because there has been an understanding that SuperJet (Venice, Italy) would lead sales to western countries while UAC (Sukhoi’s parent) would focus on CIS countries. … Continue reading

easyJet unveiled plans for a revolutionary zero emissions hydrogen fuel system for its aircraft which could save around 50,000 tonnes of fuel and the associated CO2 emissions per year.  The hybrid concept utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell stowed in the aircraft’s hold. This zero-emissions system allows energy to be captured as the aircraft brakes on landing and is used to charge the system’s lightweight batteries when the aircraft is on the ground.

The energy can be used by the aircraft – for example when taxiing – without needing to use jet engines.  Due to the high frequency and short sector lengths of easyJet’s operations, around 4% of the airline’s total fuel consumed annually is used when the airline’s aircraft are taxiing.  easyJet’s aircraft average 20 minutes of taxi time per flight – the equivalent of around four million miles a year. 

Each aircraft would have electric… Continue reading

Diamond Aircraft (London, Ontario) is adding 40 employees to its staff after winning work from Germany’s Dornier Seastar Aircraft.  The name Dornier is legendary and pivotal to the history of seaplanes. Diamond faced turbulence five years ago that forced it to shed much of its staff.  Diamond laid off half its 400 workers in 2010 after the Canadian federal government refused a request for a $35m loan to aid in developing its D-jet, a personal jet.

The company announced the deal to make the all composite airframe for the Dornier Seastar, a 12-passenger amphibious plane.  Diamond will manufacture the fuselage, wings and tail for the Seastar, which is assembled in ­Germany. Continue reading

We have been waiting for a while to see if there was anyway we could get a comparison of the A320neo with both engines and the 737 MAX compared for engine noise.  The most objective way to do this is use videos from the first flight events.  One has to also avoid OEM videos, some of which have music and other dubbing to prevent the real noise levels to be heard.

Bear in mind as you watch these videos, the weather was different for each first flight.  The distances from the aircraft to camera microphone were different.  Even the cameras were different.  There is a lot of variation that make a comparison difficult.  But absent any equal comparison, what else can you do?  Continue reading

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