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Commercial Aviation Analysts

Essex Industries is celebrating it’s 70th anniversary as a key supplier to the aerospace industry.  We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Hale and Robert Geisz this morning regarding their products and growth opportunities.


We undertook a review of A320neo flight operations.  There were 71 A320neo aircraft in operation at the end of February.  An analysis of the 28,105 flights scheduled provides some interesting insights.  With recent news reports suggesting difficulties with engines, we decided to look through the data to determine how severe any problems are.

The vast majority of fights were completed as scheduled, with 134 cancellations.  That amounts to  0.5%, with a 99.5% completion rate.  In the databases available to us, there is no explanation for why a flight was cancelled but simply that it was.  The cause of a cancellation could be due to weather, or due to a mechanical malfunction.

Of the 134 canceled flights, 100 were on P&W powered aircraft and 34 were on CFM powered aircraft.  The P&W powered aircraft had a 0.543% cancellation rate and the CFM powered aircraft had a 0.35% cancellation rate.  The Pratt… Continue reading

US regional airlines operated around 43.54% of US flights and carried 19.42% of all enplanements in 2015.  Yet, at the same time, air service to 29 cities was lost between 2013 and 2015, and the trend is continuing.

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United Aircraft of Russia is marketing plans for an updated IL-96 from the -300 standard to an -400M standard.  The picture below is of an -300.

We understand from a UAC source that there are certain requirements within Russia for a widebody aircraft from a number of government structures. These structures have a requirement that the aircraft should use a minimum of “foreign” components.  Foreign components are a bigger issue than many realize. For example the US requires approval of US-sourced components.  These “strings attached” don’t work for everybody.

The IL-96-400M would  be an interim solution aimed at satisfying this requirement until the jointly developed aircraft with China appears. This new widebody is the purported C929.

UAC believes there is a case for them to update the IL-96 because it offers “a high level of competitiveness” along with low operating costs and a moderate price.  Considering the quite specific and… Continue reading

Drones are becoming an item of annoyance at airports and among commercial aviation people. But there are great uses of drones.  Here is an example of this. This video is taken at the famous Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa in California. This is the first time in a decade the spillway has been active.

Last week saw the roll-out of the latest Boeing 787, the -10 which is the largest model.  Like all aircraft that are stretched, it looks more graceful than the shorter models.

Boeing released the image above of the 787-10 as well as the image below, that allows a comparison in sizes with key capacity differences. Continue reading

The first aircraft (picture) was delivered to the airline on October 15th 2007 and manufactured in 2006.  It is on lease from Doric Asset Finance through October 2017.  Reports from various sources indicate that the lease is not likely to be extended. What happens next?

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China’s Civil Aviation Administration re;eased its latest (13th) five year plan on February 3.   In this plan there are five areas of focus:

  • sustained safety of civil aviation,
  • building a national integrated airport system,
  • comprehensively improving aviation service capability,
  • strengthening support and service quality of air traffic management and
  • speeding up transition through reform and innovation.

Of these items some caught our eye.  For example, “The second target is to enhance the strategic role of civil aviation to continuously raise its contribution to the national economy and further increase the proportion of air transport in the integrated transport system”.  Then there was this: “The third target is to comprehensively enhance the support capability of civil aviation. A well-planned and efficient airport network consisting of about 260 transport airports will be built.”

These issues are of special interest in light of something CAAC announced last year called Rule 96.  Details are… Continue reading

Air India took delivery of its first of 14 A320neos leased from Kuwait-based ALAFCO.  Air India is the first CFM powered A320neo operator in India. This delivery is the first A320neo for ALAFCO from an order for 85. The A320neo is now part of Air India’s fleet of 66 A320s.

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