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Visiting the Pratt & Whitney Customer Center today afforded us an opportunity to look at what is hanging from the roof and see wings from a different angle.  In the following images we show the new aircraft that will be sporting the GTF in future.  Then by way of example we show some other aircraft to proide perspective on how wing layout has evolved. Continue reading

We spoke with Andrew Tanner, P&W VP Customer Service about their planning the company has been putting into place to ensure stable and predictable entry into service next year for their newest engine.

pesawat-r80-edit-webIndonesia is going to try again to enter the turboprop market. In the 1990’s they had a project called IPTN N250 which was not successful.  Only two were built before the Asian financial crisis stopped the project in 1997.  But in aerospace, hope springs eternal.

Recently a report indicated a revival of the concept, and the revised idea is quite a step forward.  Indeed the CEO of the firm heading the project has described the new project as “better“.  Well he has to. Continue reading

Frequently industry analysts get caught up in the vast amount of minutiae this industry generates.  We decided to step back and take a 50,000 foot look at the industry and came up a few charts we find illustrative and interesting.

Taking the global fleet and breaking it down by regions gives us the first chart.  Three markets are clearly crucial and make up 75% of the market.  Numbers in the columns represent the fleet type size.  The bold numbers indicate how much of the global fleet is based in the region.

The smaller markets are rather similar in extent.  Turboprops represent 9.8% of the market, narrow body aircraft are 71.5% and wide body aircraft make up 18.8%. Continue reading

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