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We got an update to the program test flight hours.  March was, quite simply, a fantastic month.  Every test program watcher looks for the “hockey stick” curve.  It looks like Bombardier’s CSeries test program has reached the upward part of the curve.

FTV7’s (CS300) maiden flight was over five hours.  Bombardier missed the 787-9 first flight time record by ten minutes.  FTV5 recently had a flight that lasted over seven hours.  In case you miss the point – this is about the time it would take to fly from Montreal to Paris. Continue reading


2015-04-06_8-41-11Last week we published a story about the opportunity in replacing the fleet of Fokkers in service today. Fokker Services felt that our story was too negative. Indeed the firm pointed us to this link which demonstrates the in-service fleet is still active and vibrant.  The company’s website link is here.

Clearly absent new production, there is a sunset on Fokker aircraft. But Fokker Services has a strong skill base on which to build beyond Fokker. In general, Fokker Services has been leveraging a lot of the original aircraft OEM knowledge into the development of new aircraft systems and support solutions for Fokker and non-Fokker types.

In a general sense Fokker Services has been spreading its wings, so to speak, in the last few years by accelerating its non-Fokker related business to replace the gradually diminishing Fokker-related turnover and grow the business in general. Examples include:


Previously we looked at the Fokker fleet and the opportunities it presents to the current OEMs. Today we look at the BAe fleet. In total there are 342 aircraft in service. Of these 267 (see first table) are in passenger service. The fleet consists of the older generation BAe 146 and then the newer Avro RJs. Continue reading

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