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2015-10-16_7-55-02Boeing announced EVA Airways’ intent to purchase up to 24 787-10s and two additional 777-300ERs, which is valued at more than $8bn at current list prices.  This is a nice piece of business from a good customer in a growing market.

However, given Delta’s CEO comment about a 777 bubble, the proportions in the order are not so reassuring.  Boeing has to work hard to back-fill the 777 line prior to the 777X.

A frequently mentioned view is that Boeing’s 777 program will see a production rate slowdown.  For example, JP Morgan reported “For BA, the potentially negative implication of DAL’s comments is that it is building too many aircraft, which is pushing down values, and this will eventually require production cuts to establish a new equilibrium.

Ken Herbert at CANACCORD Genuity noted: “We believe Delta’s comments were also somewhat self-serving.” As he… Continue reading

[UPDATE: watch this video for useful context and background]

Russia’s largest defense company, Almaz-Antey, presented evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down last year by an out-of-production rocket fired by a Ukrainian Buk-M1 air defense system.

The company refuted the Dutch claims and accuses Kiev of downing the Malaysia Airlines flight over the Donbass 17 July 2014. The Russian state company  Almaz-Antei, which produces the Buk missile system, today presented the results of their experiments: the plane would have been hit by a missile 9M38 system Buk-M1 fired from the outskirts of the Ukrainian village Zaroshenskii, controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Almaz-Antey hopes to leverage their case in a lawsuit filed in the General Court of the European Union to lift sanctions placed on the company after the Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine last year. Continue reading

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