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Visiting the Pratt & Whitney Customer Center today afforded us an opportunity to look at what is hanging from the roof and see wings from a different angle.  In the following images we show the new aircraft that will be sporting the GTF in future.  Then by way of example we show some other aircraft to proide perspective on how wing layout has evolved. Continue reading

Among the US airlines, things are looking great.  For the 3Q 2014, the numbers are stellar.  In addition to the numbers listed, the industry had a profit margin over 7%.  For the US airline industry profit margins are their highest in 15 years.

  • 104,444m passengers
  • $119,258M Operating revenues
  • $107,841m Operating expenses
  • $8,690m Adjusted profit

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There are signs that Boeing has been making significant progress with 787 production and deliveries.  We took a look at publicly available data and extrapolated that data to develop the following chart comparing orders and production rates.  Examining the order history provides a few years of data on which to base projections.  If Boeing continues to sell the 787 at or near historic rates, we see total program orders approaching 1,800, including all three models, by 2020.  Deliveries started slowly, but have accelerated.  Assuming that Boeing’s production plan for the two factories can be met, Boeing will begin to close the large gap between orders and deliveries as we approach the end of the decade, and still have a significant backlog. Continue reading

As reactions to the disruptive longer range A321neo idea from Airbus percolates, we took a look at the key market for this aircraft. Take a look at the tables below: there are 636 (~65% of all 757s delivered) Boeing 757s in US airline service.  In the second table we see how the model breakdown looks.2014-10-23_15-23-14Nearly 70% of the US fleet is the 757-200 model.  This is where it appears the new A321neo is being aimed.  Now lets see where Airbus sales team will be focusing their attention. Continue reading

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