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Last week the first A220 revenue flights took place as Delta achieved Entry to Service. It was a long gestation; Delta was first pitched the CS100 in 2010. Since then the industry changed, Bombardier no longer owns the program and the people at Bombardier that hobbled the program’s potential are long gone.


The A220 represents something far more disruptive than generally may be realized. The 100-seat segment has seen models come and go. It has been described as a wasteland for commercial aircraft. This segment isn’t quite a regional and also is seen as small for mainline airline use. After all, Bombardier makes the CRJ1000 which seats 100 and Embraer has the E-190 seating 110. The now named A220-100 seats up to 125. This size was formally the arena of the A319 and 737-700. But the A220 is a step change in technology terms of economics and passenger experience from the A319 or 737-700, and even their A319neo and 737MAX7 replacements.

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