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March 2, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • FAA certificate offers new details on Stratolaunch – Source: GeekWire
  • Brazil securities watchdog probes Embraer CFO over Boeing deal – Source: Reuters
  • Embraer 2018 deliveries – Source: FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • Global Bizav Utilization Moves Higher in 2018 – Source: AIN
  • First India-made Falcon 2000 Cockpit Assembly Completed – Source: AIN


  • Low-cost Pobeda rises to third largest Russian airline for the first time – Source: RusAvInsider
  • IndiGo cancels 30 more flights due to pilot shortage – Source: LiveMint
  • jetBlue continues to fight for review of TATL JVs – CH-Aviation
  • Lufthansa To Lease Air Baltic Airbus A220s From March 2019  –Source: Simpleflying
  • Air France: Anne Rigail, her plan for the company- Source: LEJDD
  • Delta Seeks EasyJet Partnership for Alitalia Stake – Source: AJOT
  • Indian airline sector to shrink losses by two-thirds next year  -Source: Reuters


  • Airport authority seeks control over release of security information – Source: Courant


  • F-35 Will Cost Less To Operate Than Older Fighters – Source: Forbes
  • How the Air Force plans on keeping the B-52 dropping warheads on foreheads for 100 years- Source: Task&Purpose

Social Media Post of the Day

  • Piper PA-46 crashes into snowbank – Source: AirLive
  • Propellers perfectly synced with the camera shutter  -Source: Twitter
  • Coolest in-flight video you will see today – Source: Twitter
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