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AirInsight US Airline Index

Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing tells workers they must get Covid-19 vaccine – Wings
  • Plug Power, Airbus, to study green hydrogen for future aircraft and airports – MarketWatch
  • Pearl 700 pushes G700 beyond its typical limitations – BAN
  • Boeing proposes redesign to prevent deadly engine-cover failures – BNN

Business Aviation

  • PC12 now covered by Blackhawk upgrade STC – BAN
  • Piaggio unveils next-gen twin – AIN
  • Diamond unveils plans for all-electric EDA40 training aircraft – Future Flight
  • Pilatus deals with the backlog of orders – BAN


  • A flight from Tenerife to Charleroi hit by volcanic ashes returns to departure airport – Aviation 24
  • Travelers, welcome to the revolution in overhead bin size – WSJ
  • United begins P&W powered ahead of AD – AirlineWeekly
  • Air Lines acquires two more second-hand Airbus A350s – FlightGlobal
  • Airlines won’t comply with Texas governor’s ban on mandates – ARSTechnica

 Urban Air Mobility

  • Germany: Volocopter shows off VoloDrone with first public flight – UAMNews

Social Media

  • Plane engine caught fire Twitter
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