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2024 will be a crucial year for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). It is the year when timelines converge to offer the industry a clearer perspective of the future, including clarity on uniform standards for certification. Certification will allow Volocopter to be the first to operate eVTOLs with passengers during the Paris Olympic Games. Certification and first operations should convince investors that eVTOLs are worth investing in, setting a billion-dollar industry in motion for full production. ‘2024 will be a huge year for Advanced Air Mobility’.

These are some conclusions from various conversations AirInsight had last week at the Paris Airshow with some major AAM start-ups. More than last year in Farnborough, Paris prominently showcased this emerging segment with a dedicated presentation in Hall 5. Archer had a full-scale model of the Midnight on display, Volocopter the full-size VoloCity, and China’s Ehang its tiny two-seater. Eve Air Mobility and Lilium showed only their cabins. Ascend, CityAirbus, and Joby presented scale models.


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