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July 14, 2024
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Looking at the numbers through October 2016, we have the following table.

2016-11-14_15-23-49The -8 accounts for 66% of the 480 delivered 787s.  Last week the 500th 787 was seen in Seattle, being made ready for Air France.  GE has a big lead on the -8, with 67%.  However we can see once the -9 hit the market, interest in the -8 has fallen off considerably.  (One wonders, how big an issue has A330 pricing become?)  Interest in the -9 has been strong.  There has also been a distinct switch in engine interest moving to the -9 with Rolls-Royce leads with just over half the market.  This is an excellent result given that Rolls-Royce does not have access to a strong finance arm as GE does.

Boeing is churning out 787s at a remarkable clip.  Production looks like being over 115% higher this year than three years ago.  Even though the fuel efficiency of the 878 is no longer quite the most compelling feature, the aircraft’s range and ability to “hub bust” ensures its success.  The -9 looks to be a tremendous performer, despite a three year start, the -9 already is halfway to the -8 delivery totals. At current rates, the -9 could out-deliver the -8 by 2018.

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4 thoughts on “The 787 Engine Competition

  1. I heard somewhere that GE was getting rid of its finance arm. If so (and am not sure as to accuracy) that might be significant in future competition,

  2. Will the RR turbine blade issues ANA is having with their large 787 fleet have any effect on future sales?

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