The UK Labour party has indicated that it will consider a ban on all fossil-fuel powered private aircraft flights from 2025.  Since there are no alternative electric technologies readily available today and unlikely by 2025, that would essentially ban private jets from the UK.   A report from a left-leaning think tank entitled “Jet, Set, Go” is the basis behind the proposed ban.  A summary of that report is available here.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald backs that report, which focuses on the greenhouse gasses and asks the question “why is the government enabling billionaires to trash the climate when it is the rest of us who will suffer the consequences?”   He went on to state “In just a few years’ time it will be possible for these journeys to be made by electric aircraft – so long as government puts in place the right incentives.”  Clearly, he does not understand the state of today’s battery technology and the infeasibility of electric powered business aircraft by 2025.

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