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May 24, 2024
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Aeroflot looks it has plans to cherry-pick from the Transaero fleet.  Deals with some Russian lessors allow Aeroflot put selected Transaero aircraft back into service.

  • Aeroflot signed an LoI with VEB-Leasing, Transaero’s largest Russian lessor, for nine Boeing 747s and Boeing 777s.
  • It appears Aeroflot made a deal with another Transaero lessor VTB Leasing.  This lessor has been seeking legal redress from the airline since October.
  • Apparently Aeroflot has done a deal for 14 single-aisle aircraft from Sberbank Leasing. This lessor also has pending legal action against Transaero. This bank has close ties with Aeroflot. The bank transferred four 747s to Aeroflot after the collapse of Transaero.

Aeroflot is also switching some its of its A321s.  The collapse of Transaero has given Aeroflot a boost to cherry pick aircraft it can derive most benefit from while moving others to its sub-brands.

That the Transaero aircraft are coming at exceptional pricing can only mean good news for Aeroflot and its sub-brands.  That amazingly low priced 777 Delta mentioned last week may come from the rump of the Transaero fleet.

We would guess the Transaero demise has led to a “one time” bargain hunters delight.  The Transaero fleet seems to have been created from specials (example) it found while building the fleet. With a little bit of everything, it may have found deals while acquiring, but at dissolution values probably collapsed.  Moreover, with the ruble in the tank, even selling a 777 for parts might be the best way out for a Russian bank.

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