Airbus today announced that the company is studying potential improvements to the A380, including aerodynamic improvements and additional seats without changing passenger comfort that provide a 13% cost improvement per seat over the existing model.  The new model is the A380plus.

At the show, Airbus has on display an A380 with new winglets, that measure 3.5 meters up and 1.2 meters down in a split configuration.

In addition to aerodynamic improvements and 80 additional seats, the aircraft features system improvements and longer maintenance intervals, including reduced downtime for the six-year check, that contribute to the overall 13% improvement.

By modifying staircases, Airbus has been able to add additional seats without impacting passenger comfort levels.

With these improvements, the aircraft remains competitive with smaller new technology aircraft on a seat-mile cost basis and remains the ideal aircraft for capacity limited airports.

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