This week we had the opportunity to visit the A350XWB FAL inauguration. The event was well attended by French politicians.  After all the FAL will employ a large number of skilled people in France.  Program boss Didier Evrard said the program currently has some 15,000 people involved throughout the supply chain and this number will rise to 35,000 at ramp up.  Consequently the A350 is going to attract a lot of attention across the EU, and ultimately beyond.

One day after the FAL inauguration, Singapore Airlines announced an increased order for the A350XWB.  This follows a similar order from Cathay Pacific.  These orders are influential because both airlines are large 777 operators.  The A350XWB is a strong competitor for the 777, and likely even for the 777X to come.

Please pardon the handheld camera shake.  Take a look at the speeches from the event:




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