Airbus launched its new brand “Airspace by Airbus”. At the heart of this new philosophy Airbus connects the well-being of passengers with the operational performance of its airline customers. Representing the best of Airbus’ innovation and design, Airspace will offer a sophisticated, flexible canvas as a back-drop to enhance the airlines’ own brands.

Airbus also launched the new for the forthcoming A330 airliner, which embodies Airspace by Airbus and is inspired by the cabin of its sibling, the new XWB.

Dr. Kiran Rao, Airbus’ EVP of Strategy and Marketing commented at yesterday’s briefing: “Airbus’ history of success is down to innovation – which has always included the as a key driver. With the great passenger feedback on the A350 XWB, and our application of A350 technology and features to the A330neo, we are proud to embrace our cabin design principles through our new brand – Airspace by Airbus.”  The new A330 is the launch vehicle for this brand, which along with the A350 XWB begins a new family of Airbus cabins. These will inspire and empower airlines to build the next generation of personalized flying experience for their passengers, while and at the same time optimizing the economic performance of their aircraft space.”

A330neo_Airspace by Airbus_Ambience_

Encompassing four key dimensions: Comfort, Ambience, Service and Design*, Airspace cabins will be more relaxing, inspiring, beautiful and functional, they will stimulate a unique and leading passenger experience. For example, passengers will appreciate  larger overhead storage bins, spacious and contemporary lavatories, wider seats & aisles, and unobstructed under-seat foot space. In addition, signature design elements will be consistently recognizable throughout all Airspace cabins – examples include the latest LED technology ambient lighting, clean, straight lines and shapes, clear surfaces, and also a unique, customizable welcome area. Altogether, these aspects result in an aesthetically-pleasing design combined with not just a ‘feeling’ of space, but real space – which is fulfilled in the new for the A330neo.

* The four key dimensions of Airspace by Airbus comprise:

  • ‘Comfort’ is offered without compromise to provide more personal and relaxing space;
  • ‘Ambience’ is enhanced with mood lighting, quietness and overall sense of space;
  • Next generation ‘Services’ throughout the provide interactive entertainment and connectivity, contemporary lavatory features and an enhanced working environment for the crew;
  • ‘Design’ elements which create visually appealing customizable cabins and ergonomic features and are also ‘designed to perform’ for the benefit of the airlines’ operations.


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