The crack news is overblown and it is important to source the loudest voices.  It happens that the most vociferous voices are in Australia.  Take a look at these two sources; link 1 and link 2.  Given the state of relations between Qantas and some of its unions, is there any wonder where the noise is coming from?

The union’s attempt to induce some sort of panic is not a good idea at all.  The has weathered a far more frightening event (QF32) than hairline cracks.  Calling for the grounding of the A380 fleet worldwide is disingenuous; this demand is a spurious attempt at creating a media frenzy.

There were no calls for grounding Boeing 737s after cracks (real big ones, not hairline) appeared. That ramped up checks on the fleet were needed was not argued; repairs were made and the planes continue to provide sterling service.  No will board a plane they feel is “unsafe”.  If the crews fly, so should you. Don’t buy into any loud pontifications. Especially ones seeking media coverage.

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