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Icon displayed its A5 Amphibian aircraft at the Detroit Auto Show as the auto industry focuses on the technologies that apply to both aircraft and automobiles. The A5 icon has folding wings and can be easily towed behind a SUV or truck, and will fit in a standard 8 foot wide garage, providing flexibility for travel.

The two-seat aircraft has a car-like interior, but with the appropriate flight instruments and a recently upgraded Garmin GPS system, as shown below:

Icon A5

We spoke with Suzanne Clavette, a Marketing Manager at Icon, about being at the auto show and an update on the A5 program.  The company brought three A5s to the show, with two demonstrator aircraft based at Detroit City Airport for demonstration flights.  Suzanne flew one of the aircraft up from the company’s Tampa offices, an 11 hour journey.  A brief video of our conversation follows:

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