Company and ANA Holdings (operator of Japan’s largest airline All Nippon Airways) announced an agreement to support the expansion of the around the globe. ANA will introduce current business jet users and commercial flight customers to the HondaJet by using the aircraft for its charter and feeder to connect them to ANA’s existing broad network at major travel hubs in North America and Europe.

will support various aspects of ANA’s feeder and charter flights, including working with global charter operators to provide exceptional coverage for ANA’s customers and establishing a framework for ground support functions at a variety of ANA’s transit locations.

Related to this, ANA has created a private jet charter company.

ANA’s new joint venture will arrange the feeder/charter flight service, and the number of the customers has not been disclosed yet by ANA. During today’s press presentation in Tokyo, ANA stated they will roll out in North America first and they would like to start their charter/fleet service this summer.

This appears to be a novel idea to connect high-value traffic.

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