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Honda Jet at NBAA 2019

Honda Jet held a briefing prior to NBAA 2019.  A video of the briefing follows: https://youtu.be/Sx2kopA8-wY The briefing concluded with questions and answers: https://youtu.be/0eoXwW6YJwQ

GAMA 3rd Quarter Deliveries Released

GAMA released its third-quarter statistics for 2018, and the General Aviation segment increased its billings to $4,134,953,455 in the third quarter, up only 0.83% from 2017. The variability in the mix, when compared to 2017, was significant, with 286 piston aircraft...

Reflections on NBAA 2018

Last week, the National Business Aircraft Association held its annual convention in Orlando, with the business aviation community leaders updating the industry on what’s new. We came away from NBAA 2018 with a feeling of cautious optimism. While the business aviation...

Honda Jet Introduces New Model

Honda Aircraft is introducing the Honda Jet Elite, an upgraded model that offers extended range, noise attenuating engine inlets, a full service galley on board, and upgraded avionics. The new aircraft, with a list price of $5.25 million, has increased range by 17% to...