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Twelve is a new SAF producer.  Using carbon dioxide as its feedstock, the company plans to deliver its first production next year to Alaska Airlines.  The story is interesting.  It also confirms what we know about SAF production – there’s too little, it is expensive, and “someone” or government needs to help the industry cover its huge capital and start-up costs.  If commercial aviation plans to achieve Net Zero by 2050, they’d better get a move on.

We had a great conversation with Ashwin Jadhav, Twelve’s Vice President, Business Development.  Twelve says: “Electrify the fuel. Introducing E-Jet®, our fossil-free jet fuel made from electrified CO2.” E-Jet® is made with a carbon transformation technology, a new electrochemical reactor, and a proprietary catalyst that electrifies CO2 and water, creating synthesis gas, CO + H2, which they refine into carbon-neutral jet fuel. The US Air Force has tested and qualified E-Jet®, and it meets regulatory standards as a drop-in fuel.

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