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February 23, 2024
Avianca confirms Airbus order

Photo: Avianca.

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Today, Avianca confirmed its Airbus order for 88 A320neo aircraft, plus purchase options for an additional 50 planes. The new planes will arrive between 2025 and 2031 and are expected to add extra capacity, fuel savings, and reduce CO2 emissions for the South American airline. 

Avianca-Airbus partnership

Avianca confirmed today its order for 88 new Airbus A320neo aircraft. Additionally, the airline has purchase options for an additional 50 planes. These new units will arrive between 2025 and 2031 and improve the airline’s domestic and regional capacity throughout Latin America. 

“We are happy that Avianca has confirmed its preference for A320neo aircraft. The A320neo incorporates the latest technologies, including new generation engines, sharklets, and aerodynamics, which together deliver 20% in fuel savings and CO2 reduction compared to the previous generation Airbus aircraft. With the widest single-aisle cabin in its class, passengers aboard the A320 enjoy more personal space, wider seats, and generous overhead compartments to store their luggage”, said Arturo Barreira, Airbus President of Airbus Latin America and the Caribbean.

Last year, Avianca and Airbus Services announced a deal to refurbish the airline’s A320 fleet. You can read more on the subject here

Avianca’s A320 fleet 

Currently, Avianca has a fleet of 143 aircraft, including 122 narrowbody Airbus-based units. Since last year, Avianca has been refurbishing its A320 fleet, adding the SpaceFlex next generation lavatory and galley AFT complex plus new plus and economy seats. 

The A320neo fleet will have the new cabin configuration defined by Avianca for its A320 aircraft, offering its customers three types of seats: Premium, Plus, and Economy. Currently, more than 90 A320 planes in Avianca’s fleet are being reconfigured, and 26 of them already have the new Plus and Economy seats. 

As of May, customers will be able to enjoy the Premium offer, and by the end of 2022, the entire fleet will be completely reconfigured. In addition, the use of up to 20% less fuel and the reduction of up to 900 tons of CO2 per year per aircraft will contribute to the sustainability of Avianca’s operations. 

Finally, Rohit Philip, Avianca’s Chief Financial Officer, said,

“This is great news for our company, our people, and our customers, considering that the A320neo family is the most advanced single-aisle fleet in terms of efficiency, reliability, and comfort. This order highlights that we continue to make the required investments to grow our network in line with our business plan”.

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