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June 14, 2024
A GOL aircraft departing

Photo: GOL linhas Aéreas

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Azul and GOL have announced a new commercial cooperation agreement to link their air networks through a codeshare arrangement. This agreement will see the airlines offering exclusive domestic routes operated solely by one of the two companies.

The collaboration also extends to the integration of their loyalty programs. Azul Fidelidade and Smiles members can now accumulate points or miles across either program when purchasing codeshare segments, providing greater flexibility and benefits to frequent flyers.

Addressing Market Dynamics

This partnership is critical for GOL Linhas Aéreas, navigating a judicial recovery process in the United States under Chapter 11. Earlier this year, there were speculations about Azul potentially acquiring GOL, further highlighting the dynamic changes within the Brazilian aviation market.

In 2023, GOL captured a 33.3% share of the domestic market (RPK) in Brazil, while Azul held 27.5%. LATAM led with a 38.7% share.

This agreement will bring enormous benefits to our customers,” stated Abhi Shah, president of Azul. He emphasized that with Azul’s extensive network covering most Brazilian cities and GOL’s robust presence in key markets, “our complementary offers will provide customers with the widest range of travel options.”

The new codeshare routes will be available for booking on both airlines’ sales channels starting at the end of June. Travelers will have access to numerous new domestic routes and improved connection options, such as flying from Brasilia to Tabatinga via Manaus or Rio de Janeiro to Marabá with a stop in Belém.

Operational Synergies

GOL’s CEO, Celso Ferrer, remarked, “GOL and Azul have always been committed to expanding the Brazilian aviation market. This codeshare agreement will provide customers with even more options to travel across our country.

Azul and GOL operate approximately 1,500 daily departures and anticipate the agreement will generate over 2,700 new travel opportunities with just one connection.

Passengers can search for exclusive domestic segments and purchase them through Azul and GOL’s sales channels, offering a broader range of destinations.

Points and miles earned from codeshare flights booked on the other airline’s digital channels can be credited to Azul Fidelidade or Smiles, based on the customer’s preference.

Check-in procedures must be completed either online or at the airport counters of the airline operating the flight or the first segment of connecting flights. Customers will receive all necessary boarding passes at check-in.

Baggage check-in will follow the same protocol, with luggage delivered to the final destination regardless of the operating airline. Rescheduling and cancellations must be managed through the airline that sold the ticket. Additional services, such as special seating, checked baggage, and loyalty program benefits, will remain subject to each airline’s established policies.

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