New stories broke last week about Boeing software outsourcing on the MAX.  But the headline of $9 per our outsourcing had nothing to do with the MCAS system that is at the root of the  737 MAX problems at Boeing.  Neither HCL Tech nor Cyient, who have done outsourced work for Boeing on other 737 systems, worked on the troubled systems, which were apparently designed and coded in the US.

It is easy to throw blame at Boeing for cost-cutting on the 737, but outsourcing has long been a part of the game on aerospace, and Boeing isn’t the only one playing the game. I remember speaking with someone from a Tier 1 avionics supplier charged with vetting code on 787 avionics and flight control systems mentioning using Google Translate to read comment codes in Hindi and Russian as they doubled-checked the functionality of various systems that were programmed in India and Russia.

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