Patrick Baudis is Bombardier’s VP Marketing.  He provided the following presentation today (AeroPerspectives 2017 – Markey Dynamics & Portfolio Strategy).

The slides that we would highlight are these:

This is a very interesting perspective.  These airlines are A320 and A319 operators.  And the images suggest a pretty obvious trend for these carriers. (Might we consider all three as Bombardier targets?)

Followed by this chart.

Boeing and Bombardier may be in a fight, but the logic clear.  Game changing is disruptive and the new generation is exactly that.  This chart fits rather nicely with our earlier story about the 787 and the C Series being somewhat alike. At least in the view of Air Canada.

Then, boom.

Well played Mr. Baudis! And then some more supportive evidence C Series Program Director, Istifan Ghanem.

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