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May 30, 2024
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Runwaygirl Network Founder and Editor Mary Kirby thinks the impact of connectivity and cabin automation will save airlines a lot of money.  The impact from a reduction in credit card losses from on-board sales alone is a huge number.


1 thought on “Cabin automation & Connectivity

  1. WI-FI like IFE will eventually be offered free by most airlines and like IFE it will become a differentiator. The airline has to derive value out of wi-fi operationally. I like the idea of not carrying duty free items on board, that will be a tremendous saving and remove a few administrative issues for cabin crew. However, on a practical level it may work on an airline’s inbound flight to its main base. The practicality of stocking duty free at every airport at the price level they want is difficult if not impossible in certain countries.

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