Iraqi Airways’ triple MAX delivery confirms fleet renewal

The delivery of three Boeing MAX 8s to Iraqi Airways on Friday confirms that the airline is slowly but progressively renewing its fleet. The carrier has now inducted eight new-generation airliners in the past sixteen months, including the MAX and the Airbus A220-300,...

Insight: How big is the market for the Single-Aisle MoM?

The increasingly long-range capable MoM single-aisle aircraft is seen by many, including us, as disruptive.  But what is the extent of the market?  How much “commercial space” is there for such aircraft? How big is the market for the Single-Aisle MoM?

We use the US market as a guide, deploying our T-100 model.  We utilize the T-100 International Market dataset, which contains international non-stop segment data reported by both U.S. and foreign air carriers, including carrier, origin, destination, aircraft type and service class for transported passengers, freight and mail, available capacity, scheduled departures, departures performed, aircraft hours, and load factor when at least one point of service is in the United States or one of its territories. International flight data is released 3 months after domestic data. Flights with both origin and destination in a foreign country are not included.


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Japan Airlines orders 21 Boeing MAX 8s

As part of the usual game with media of initial denial, Japan Airlines has confirmed today that it has selected the Boeing MAX 8 for the renewal of its medium-haul fleet. The airline will buy 21 aircraft for delivery from 2026. Japan Airlines orders 21 Boeing MAX 8s....

US Airline Schedule Performance

US Airline Schedule Performance