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Tanker Competitions

Aerial tankers are in the news again.  South Korea has apparently selected the Airbus A330 MRTT over the Boeing KC-46A and Israel Aerospace Industries' MMTT. The Koreans plan to buy four tankers for $1bn. First delivery is said to be in 2019. South Korea joins many...

Is there a market for small regional jets?

An item at the recent Paris airshow that caught some attention was the emergence of the former Dornier 328 as the TRJ328.   Take a look at our video of the presentation made by Sierra Nevada about the TRJ328 and their moving the line to Ankara, Turkey. Even with an...

NATO and Russian pilots are getting too close

Take a look at this short video. Norwegian Armed Forces on Sunday released a video of a Russian fighter jet flying uncomfortably close to a Norwegian F-16, highlighting the potential collision risks involved when intercepting Russian aircraft on behalf of NATO.  We...

The PW4000 – History & Future

Pratt & Whitney's Dr Alan Epstein talks about the PW4000, its history and future as the power plant for the upcoming USAF aerial tanker.