Paul Kent, Chief Commercial Officer at Amedeo

Paul Kent offers his thoughts on the A380 market in this interview with Addison Schonland today in Dublin.

Amedeo’s A380 “Net Jets” Share idea

Amedeo is best known for its focus on the A380 leasing business.  Amedeo and Airbus have faced a slow market for the A380.  Several people think the aircraft is past its prime and have gone so far as to state the news from the recent Dubai show demonstrates, or...

The A380’s future

There seems to be some light between the vision by Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier and sales chief John Leahy.  Whereas Mr Leahy opined at the Dubai air show the A380neo is inevitable and suggested a timeline around 2022 or 2023.  A few weeks later and Mr Bregier has a...

Mark Lapidus on the A380

Mark Lapidus is CEO of Amedeo, a leasing firm with with 20 A380s on order.  Selling the A380 has proven to be a  complicated task.  The aircraft is the largest passenger airliner and for many airlines, the A380 is intimidating.  Yet, among the users of the aircraft...

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