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Ethiopia ATC strike: a risk to crews and passengers?

Ops Group put out an urgent message that warrants attention. "Last week, 120 Ethiopian Air Traffic Controllers announced a strike. Approximately 100 of them have now been banned from operating, and 10 of them - including the Chief Controller, Senior ATCOs, Radar...

Female pilots

The recent amazing performance by the crew on Southwest 1380 highlighted Captain Tammie Jo Shults' exceptional crisis management skills.  Her training was outstanding and her handling of the engine explosion is a testimony not only to her military training, but also...

EFB survey data available

We have completed the 2016 EFB survey and added this data to the EFB survey data set, starting with 2012.  The current Excel sheet provides 293 rows by 228 columns of data.  If you are interested in acquiring this excel data, please email us.

Drunk pilots?

Last Wednesday it happened in Indonesia. Citilink, owned by Garuda, initially denied the pilot was drunk. Later Citilink’s president and the airline’s production director resigned and the pilot was fired. Then on Saturday in Canada, a pilot at Sunwing was so drunk he...