Yesterday the C919 took to the skies again.  This was the fourth test flight since the first one on May 5.  Compared to other flight test programs, especially the western variety, this is a sedate pace.  One can hope the short period between flight #3 and #4 is a sign of the times and that tests will accelerate.

The fourth test flight was about three and a quarter hours.  The flight profile was not aggressive. That said, the did push a bit more compared to flight #3.

The third flight was also rather genteel.

Compare these to the MC-21 flight tests and you can see what we mean about flight test profiles.  The program has gone higher and faster.  The MC-21 flights have also been longer.  Both the C919 and are clean-sheet designs from, effectively, new OEM teams.  Though some would argue the Russians have more experience, we think the MC-21 team is new and this is the first program to emerge from the combined UAC.  This, in our view, means one can compare them and the approaches being taken.

does have strict oversight of flight tests.  This could explain the cautious approach.

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