Even as the commercial aviation industry is in mass meltdown, the sun is coming up on the horizon.  People in the industry we have been speaking to are scared and confused.  This is rational – nobody expected the incredibly short reaction time required. 

Large organizations like OEMs with complicated supply chains simply cannot turn on a dime.  It just can’t be done.  Similarly, airlines that sell seats 360 days out are not able to literally switch off their networks in a matter of days – and now it’s hours. 

The stress that Covid-19 has brought to bear in unfathomable. There is no playbook to follow.  The damage continues across the industry – mass layoffs and retrenchment will leave several 100,000s (all skilled and until recently in high demand) with financial uncertainty. 

Just as we start to discover “social distancing” and get really serious about the impact Covid-19 s wreaking, there’s some good news.

  • Please start here. Corona Is Slowing Down, Humanity Will Survive.
  • Here’s another link to some data and analysis.

Take the professional medical advice to stay away from crowds and shelter in place.  We’re not out of the woods yet.  But know that Covid-19, even as it ravages people’s health and the global economy, is running out of steam.  There will still be damage.  We might even see more damage but this will end.

For now, the smartest people we know are using this time to reconnect with their networks; offering encouragement, help, and support. And also learning new skills.  One skill we can all brush up on is our people skills – yes, even as we don’t physically see each other. 

When this is over, those with the most skills will be the most effective at getting their companies restarted and humming.  Try to be among them.

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