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July 14, 2024


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Daher is best known for its TBM and Kodiak turboprop aircraft, but it is a larger and more varied enterprise. Its new strategy, Take Off 2027, aims to grow in four distinct but complementary businesses: aircraft, industry, industrial services, and logistics.  With several recent acquisitions, the company is poised for growth in these markets.

What is clear from the key statement in “Take off2027” is that Daher sets its ambition to “become a large, profitable international company developing in four complementary businesses: aircraft production, manufacturing, manufacturing services, and logistics.”  The stressed supply chain is well known. Here, we have a supply chain company that is well-managed, builds its aircraft, and supplies the duopoly with various products and services.


Daher’s aircraft division is well known, and the success of the TBM960 and Kodiak 900, the two newest models, reflect its continuing stability and growth.

The industrial division encompasses several manufacturing businesses supplying Airbus, Boeing, and other major industry players.  The recent acquisition of Stuart Aerostructures in Florida expanded the depth and breadth of their offering.  Daher is a key supplier to Airbus and Boeing in commercial aircraft for manufacturing components and sub-assemblies in metal or composite materials.

The third leg of the strategy is logistics, which Daher has a long history in.  Daher is an industry 4.0 participant who utilizes advanced computer integration and tools to manage complex logistics problems for internal and external clients.

Daher undertook the new strategy in 2023 and is launching the fourth leg of its strategy, industrial services, as of 1 January 2024.  The company is integrating the acquisition of Assistance Aeronautique et Aerospatiale (AAA) into the new division.   This division provides services to the aerospace community, including manufacturing, assembly, and quality control – providing experience and resources for key activities.  This is a growth segment for Daher, and it is hiring additional staff in 2024.

Pre-pandemic, Daher had revenues €1.25 billion and in 2023, those revenues grew to €1.65 billion.  Over the same period, employment grew from 10,000 to 13,000.  In 2023, Daher’s results included diversification of sales, with 35% coming from the USA, three years of revenue in its order book, 500 design office engineers, and a 50/50 distribution between industry and services.

The Bottom Line

Daher may be one of the largest aerospace companies few people know, perhaps because the Daher family privately owns it.  Nonetheless, it is becoming one of the more important players in the industry supply chain, with a reputation for engineering and on-time delivery.  Their strategy for 2027 appears feasible, with their goals to develop an ultra-efficient aircraft by 2030 and develop the RISE engine during the same time frame clearly in sight.

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