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MH370’s final moments have been brought into sharp focus with the discovery of a new piece of debris, giving major clues to the final tragic moments of the Boeing 777 that was lost in 2014 with all 239 aboard.

The piece was discovered in a fisherman’s backyard and was found washed ashore on the Antsiraka Peninsula South Beach in Madagascar in March 2017 after tropical storm Fernando had passed by.

The debris item had barnacles on it when it was found and in total four items of MH370 debris have been found on the same beach. The location was predicted by the University of Western Australia (UWA) oceanographic model.

According to a new report by Richard Godfrey and Blaine Gibson, published today, the piece “is likely the remnant of the left main landing gear trunnion door” and is almost certain to be from MH370.


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