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June 16, 2024
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Embraer has delivered 48 commercial aircraft in 2021, four more than in the previous year. The number of executive jets also exceeded that of 2020 with 93 versus 86, the Brazilian airframer reported on February 21. Embraer airliner deliveries only four more than in 2020.

The numbers are still a long way off those in 2019, when Embraer delivered 89 commercial aircraft. The E175 once again topped the deliveries list, with 27 last year compared to 32 in 2020. The last quarter saw twelve aircraft joining airlines and lessors versus twenty in the same period twelve months earlier.

The E195-E2 reported nineteen deliveries for the full year versus seven in 2020, confirming that this is the most popular version of the E2 now. In Q4, four of the biggest Embraer airliners left Sao Jose dos Campos.
By contrast, only two E190-E2 were delivered all year and none in Q4 compared to four aircraft in 2020. The E190 no longer is showing on the delivery list.

Looking at the executive jets, the Phenom 300 saw 56 deliveries last year compared to fifty in 2020. The smaller -100 equaled the six deliveries of 2020. At seventeen deliveries, the Praetor 600 was slightly ahead of the -500 at fourteen compared to eighteen/ten in the previous year. The Legacy no longer shows on the delivery list.

Embraer’s backlog shows 325 aircraft, including 170 E195-E2s thanks to successful sales campaigns with Porter and Azorra. The type has now won 203 sales. The E175 continues to be Embraer’s best-selling airliner. It recorded 42 new sales in the past year, which has brought total sales to 840. The backlog stands at 147.

The other versions must be causing the Brazilians more and more headaches. The E190, E195, and E190-E2 haven’t won any orders in 2021. The E190, which featured the new “Tech Shark”-livery during last week’s Singapore Airshow, has three aircraft remaining from its total of 568 orders, the E195 has delivered all 172, and of the E190-E2 only five deliveries of the 22 remain in the book.

Embraer hasn’t specified its backlog of the executive jets but mentions the order for 100 Phenom 300s from NetJets that was announced in the fourth quarter. The OEM will report on its FY21 results on March 24.      

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Richard Schuurman
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