A news source today announced that Iran had ordered 50 aircraft.  The story uses the term “ spokesman”.  One might think, based on the rest of the story, the source is Iran. Turns out may actually be a Brazilian source.

sent us this statement: “Embraer has started to talk with the Iranian airlines. The market has great potential, as explained in several occasions, because there is a need to re- the fleet of older aircraft and meet the market growth.”

There are no details on what the 50 aircraft consist of.  Frankly, seems like somebody jumped the gun.  The excitement about the return of Iran to the market for aircraft has lots of people jumpy. Eagerly announced stories, absent a real source, need to be treated with caution.  Iran is big enough to keep all the OEMs busy.  As we have said before, we think Iran is going to buy from everybody and tie up every potential funding source. The more intricate and widespread the deals are, the more impossible it will be to reimpose sanctions.  We should wait to see official sources make announcements.

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