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Embraer’s final member of the E2 family has taken to the air, the E175-E2. Video of the first flight, courtesy Embraer, is shown below:

The E175-E2 has been controversial as it weighs just above the scope clause limitations outlined in the pilot union agreements for major US carriers, virtually blocking it from the US market. As a result, deliveries of the popular E175 have continued, although regional carriers would likely prefer the E2 version with better efficiency. The E175-E2 has one additional row of seats compared to the first-generation E175 and can be configured with 80 seats in two classes, or up to 90 in a single class. The airplane will save up to 16% in fuel and 25% in maintenance costs per seat compared to the E175.

“Today’s flight of the E175-E2 marks the completion of our vision to produce a family of new-generation commercial aircraft that bring unparalleled cost savings to our customers, exceptional comfort for their passengers, and fewer emissions for the planet,” said John Slattery, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “The E190-E2 and the E195-E2 are already stellar performers. The E175-E2 is just as impressive. We’re eager to get working on certification. My sincere thanks to every Embraer employee who helped make this day possible.” The first flight kicks off a rigorous 24 month flight test program, with first deliveries of the aircraft expected in 2021.

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