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June 21, 2024
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Embraer, which was quiet on Day 1 at Paris, announced 48 commitments for aircraft today, including 2 new customers for the E2 family.  The Embraer orders include Fuji Dream Airlines for 3 E175s, Japan Air Lines for 1 E190, Belavia for 1 E175 and 1 E195, KLM Citthopper for 2 E190s, and two unannounced customers, one for 10 E195-E2 with 10 purchase rights for E190-E2s, and another for 20 E190-E2s.

This brings the total for the E2 program to 285 firm orders and 445 options, purchase rights, and letters of intent that total 730 commitments to the program.

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