Embraer announced this morning that their KC-390 military transport and aerial refueling jet completed a relevant milestone, with Embraer demonstrating to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) the attainment of the Initial Operational Capability (IOC). The IOC achievement ensures the necessary conditions have been met for the aircraft to start operations, in accordance with the scope agreed upon with the FAB. As part of the IOC, Embraer obtained a KC-390 Provisional Type Certificate from the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which is a testament to the adequacy of the design in fulfilling the demanding requirements for transport aircraft.

Embraer goes on to note that “To date, the test campaign has accumulated more than 1,500 flight hours with 2 prototypes and more than 40,000 hours of laboratory testing of the aircraft’s various systems. The structural tests campaign is nearing completion, with only the full-scale fatigue test remaining.  According to the schedule, in 2018, the final Type Certificate will be issued by ANAC. Additionally, in-flight tests of various military functionalities will be completed, including the remaining aerial refueling and cargo dropping tests, to fulfill the requirements to receive the final military of the aircraft with the achievement of the Final Operational Capability – FOC. The of the first series aircraft to the FAB is scheduled to take place in 2018. “

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