With the exercising of an option for 25 aircraft, Turkey’s Pegasus now has 100 neos on firm order.  This comes on top of 18 A321neo and 57 A320neos already on by the airline.

Pegasus has 15 A320neos in service today.  It also has a dozen A320s and 48 737-800s.  Pegasus’ selection of the A321neo is part of a move to an all-Airbus fleet.  Predictably, Airbus’ John Leahy noted: “The latest Pegasus Airlines’ for the A321neo ACF variant underlines that Airbus offers the best, most efficient and most comfortable solution in the Middle of the Market segment.”  Airbus’ PR notes that “With more than 5,200 orders received from 95 customers, the A320neo Family has captured nearly 60 percent share of the market.”

Following closely after the Delta order, the A321neo seems to be continuing its winning streak.  The middle of the market is increasingly attracting attention.

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