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June 14, 2024
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After the first day’s splashy news, the important takeaway is that narrow bodies are the hottest segment.  On day one 150 narrow bodies were ordered. And it is the leasing companies that have taken the lead.

GECAS was the big buyer, ordering 60 A320 family aircraft and 40 737NGs.  Air Lease Corporation (ALC), the new aircraft financing/leasing company formed by ILFC founder and ex-CEO, Steven Udar-Hvazy, announced orders for 30 A321s (with sharklets) and 21 A320s.  Even Norwegian Air Shuttle exercised an option for 15 737NGs.  Sukhoi made a breakthrough order with Indonesia’s Kartika Airlines ordering 30 SuperjetsEmbraer announced five E195s going to Azul.

One name is noticeable from the news by its absence. Despite much promise, Bombardier had no news regarding its CSeries.  The firm is committed to the project though.

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