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June 19, 2024
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An interview with Dr. Margaret Klemm, PhD, ATP

Associate Professor,
Aeronautical Science Dept.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

1 thought on “Flight Deck Automation

  1. As a regional pilot, flying 4-5 legs a day, much of the flying is hand flown due to visual approaches at smaller airports, so it is easy to stay current and competent. On the long haul flights, where pilots may get 5-6 landings a month,currency and competence becomes a problem.

    The industry is behind this, though. They want 300 hour pilots as part of MPL. airliners are now being designed to be sold to developing countries and to be flown by very low time pilots who don’t have stick and rudder skills, but are taught more like systems operators. The crash of Air France 447, demonstrates that you need REAL pilots upfront ALL the time. A simple pitot tube clog sent an Airbus into the bottom of the South Atlantic, because the MPL operators of that aircraft didn’t know how to fly; rather they just responded to information w/out having a correlative or even application level of knowledge. Most of the Asian airlines are training pilots to be operators as well. They have to rely on over-automation, because they don’t have or want pilots flying theses planes.

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